Welcome to Isoquest Project Management LLP

Created in 1984 by M. H. Mottier, IPM is specialized in the implementation of international projects, generally of short duration from 3-18 months, located in Europe, Asia and the U.S. Annual project turnover is approximately $ 30 million.

Acting as an extension of the clients' international department, IPM draws on its sources of local and foreign associates, whenever specialized expertise is required, for projects including the startup, shutdown or "turn-around" of operations, due diligence of acquisition candidates, technology transfers, contract negotiations or interim management.

While IPM's activities are not industry-specific, such activities have been in industries such as automotive, electronics, communications, medical equipment, energy, aircraft, metals and others in such countries as the USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, India, the Philippines, Iran,
Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, etc. Please see the list of projects for more details.