Areas: Catalyzers, injectors, sensors, brakes, clutches, seals, castings, turbo.

Companies: NGK, Holley, Johns-Manville, Renault, RVI, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Denka, Chicago Rawhide.

Countries: France, US, Venezuela, Korea, Taiwan, Japan.

Project: Acquisition and sale of Colt automotive subsidiary in France.

Project: Management of French catalytic substrate market.

Project: Organization of Asian sourcing strategy for fuel system components.

Project: Technology transfer to brake and clutch licensees.




Areas: Landing gear, brakes, injectors, insulation.

Menasco, Delavan, Messier-Bugatti, Goodrich, Honeywell.

Countries: US, France.

Evaluated Asian forging suppliers for landing gear.

Project: License negotiation of brake material technology.




Areas: Optical link, grid arrays, sensors, IC's, LTCC, public telephones.

NGK Electronics, CERN, Ericsson, Nokia, Alcatel, Nortel, Agere, Monetel, Soshin Electric.

France, Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Indonesia.
Project: Marketing of optical parallel links and LTCC (Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics) to telecoms.

Project: Negotiation of IC supply contract.

Project: Negotiation of public telephone contract with Indonesia telecom.




Areas: Dental equipment & industrial, nuclear, fire and ballistic protection.

Companies: Healthco, Bacou, Planmeca, Siemens, GC, Dentsply, GPA.

Countries: UK, France, Germany, Japan, Israel, US.
Project: Turn-around of leading dental product distribution network.

Project: Turn-around of French motorcycle helmet manufacturer (GPA).

Project: Establishment of French safety products in Japan.

Project: Negotiation of ballistic jacket contract with Japanese Police.




Areas: Butterfly valves, packings, compressors, furnaces, acid-plant, super abrasives.

Companies: Johns-Manville, Formosa Plastics, Toyo Engineering, Tokyo Electric, US Filter, Vivendi.

Countries: US, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Iran, France.

Project: Negotiation of contracts for petrochemical equipment in Bandar Shapur (Iran), Kaohsiung (Taiwan) and the USA.

Project: Turn-around of ceramic filtration tube and components subsidiary of Vivendi in difficult union context. Integration of European manufacturing systems.

Project: Development of ceramic filters for the food industry.

Project: Negotiation of Debussy furnace license to Tokyo Electric for coal fly ash fusion and disposal.



Areas: Metallurgy.

Companies: American Metal Climax, Pechiney, Aluminio de Galicia.

France, US, Spain.
Project: Technology transfer for primary aluminium smelter.

Project: Development of super abrasives for the glass, refractory and automotive industries.




Areas: Machine tools.

Companies: MFL, Golsworthy Engineering, Castrol.

Countries: France, UK, Italy.

Project: Turn-around of Golsworthy through personnel reduction, integration of data processing and new products.

Project: Turn-around of Castrol European subsidiaries.




Areas: Hotel, Furniture.

Companies: Sufren (div. Hibege, Germany).

France, Switzerland.
Project: Turn-around of manufacturer of high-quality furniture with relocation and re-organization of new factory of 300 persons in politically sensitive region.

Project: Negotiation and sale of Swiss hotel and corporate structure from US shareholders to Swiss corporation.

Project: Negotiations of various Swiss real estate investments.




Areas: Fiberglass, PVC pipe, acoustical & floor products, refractory bricks and fiber.

Companies: Johns-Manville, Saint Gobain, Taiwan Plastics, Eternit, Kubota, CSR.

Countries: US, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, India, Australia, Argentina, Peru.

Project: Engineer fiberglass plants for Saint Gobain and CSR.

Project: Engineer refractory brick and fiber plants.

Project: Engineer pipe plants in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kuala Lumpur.




Areas: Perlite, gypsum, talc and diatomaceous earth.

Companies: Johns-Manville, Toko Perlite, Showa Kagaku.

Countries: Mexico, Iceland, Japan, Greece, Korea, Turkey

Project: Engineer perlite plants in France, UK, Japan.

Project: Engineer mining facilities in Mexico and Iceland.


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