New Jersey Institute of Technology: BS Mechanical Engineering
Fairleigh Dickinson Graduate School: MBA Program
Latin American Institute, New York: Spanish Language
Kyoto Language School: Kyoto University Exchange Program- Japanese Language

A native of Switzerland, Michel Mottier studied in Canada and the U.S. before serving two years in the U.S. Army in Aberdeen Proving Grounds and Ft. Benning where he was involved with tactical development and jungle warfare communication under the responsibility of the George Washington University. He then resumed his position as project engineer with Johns-Manville with joint-venture and licensing activities in Europe, South America and Asia.
Transferred to Hong Kong and later to Tokyo, he was Project Manager for Asia and then Managing Director of the Johns-Manville, Japan organization. M. Mottier then joined Colt Industries (now part of BF Goodrich) as Vice-President for the Pacific with responsibility for countries from Pakistan to Japan to Australia. He established distribution centers and offices in Singapore, Japan, New Zealand in addition to existing manufacturing operations in Sydney and Manila. He relocated from Singapore to Manila to turn-around a JV with Jardines of Hong Kong.
Transferred by Colt to Paris as President of the Colt subsidiary, to turn-around their automotive component operation, M Mottier purchased the company to sell its assets one year later.
In 1984, he created IPM to handle international projects including technology transfers, turn-arounds (or shut-downs) of medium-size companies, negotiation of major projects or interim management mostly in conditions of pre-Chapter 11. IPM has associates in China, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA.
M. Mottier has been closely associated with NGK Insulators of Japan for its activities in catalytic converters, fiber optics, sensors, aircraft brake materials involving major companies such as Renault/Nissan, Peugeot, Nokia, Ericsson, Alcatel, Saint-Gobain, BF Goodrich, Siemens, Honeywell and others.

In 2010, he created a Chinese entity, Isotech Environmental (Shanghai), to provide environmental technologies in water, automotive and industrial exhausts, heavy metal removal as well as other specialized de-pollution applications.
Please see the description of projects undertaken by Michel Mottier and IPM.

Direct Email address: promanage@isoquest.us


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